IECMD 2003 - Program for the first day, November 24, 2003

Internet Electronic Conference of Molecular Design 2003,
 IECMD 2003, November 23 - December 6,
 All accepted papers are posted on the Web and can be downloaded
 as PDF files from
 All discussions of the IECMD 2003 papers will take place on the Web,
 using the Yahoo! group iecmd2003,
 Please visit the IECMD 2003 discussion site at to sign-up and
 send comments to the group.
 IECMD 2003 - Program for the first day, November 24, 2003
 1. IECMD 2003, paper 9
 A New Generalized Concept of Chemical Reactivity and Selectivity
 Pratim Kumar Chattaraj and Utpal Sarkar
 2. IECMD 2003, paper 11
 Fluorine-Substituted Phenols as Probes to Study Intermolecular Proton Transfer
 Induced by Excess Electron Attachment to Uracil-Phenol Complexes
 Maciej Haranczyk and Maciej Gutowski
 3. IECMD 2003, paper 47
 Synthesis, crystal structure and feasibility of intramolecular proton transfer
 reaction of salicylaldazine
 Md. Mijanuddin, W. S. Sheldrick, H. Mayer-Figge, Mahammad Ali, and Nitin
 4. IECMD 2003, paper 18
 Computer-Aided Design of Selective COX-2 Inhibitors: Molecular Docking of
 Structurally Diverse Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitors using FlexX Method
 Asit K. Chakraborti and Ramasamy Thilagavathi
 5. IECMD 2003, paper 31
 Neural Networks for Secondary Metabolites Prediction in Artemisia Genus
 Tanja Schwabe, Marcelo J. P. Ferreira, Sandra A. V. Alvarenga, and Vicente P.
 6. IECMD 2003, paper 55
 Intermolecular Interaction in C60-Based Electron Donor-Acceptor Complexes
 Elena F. Sheka
 Dr. Ovidiu Ivanciuc
 Sealy Center for Structural Biology
 Department of Human Biological Chemistry & Genetics
 University of Texas Medical Branch
 301 University Boulevard
 Galveston, Texas 77555-1157
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