Re: CCL:AMBER is MM or MD?

 I'm not sure I understand your question entirely, but amber is used for
 both MM and MD.
 Pete Gannett
 >>> "Telkuni" <telkuni(at)> 11/28/03
 15:37 PM >>>
 Hello, CCLers.
 Although I think it is very basic knowledge, I want to know the truth.
 Some papers and books treat AMBER as Molecular Mechanic method
 describing with force fields and bonding parameters. But others treat
 AMBER as Molecular Dynamic method describing with potential functions.
 Does AMBER belong MM or MD? and or both of them?
 >...All responses, I will appreciate. And I will summarize them.
  Sincerely yours,
       Telkuni Tsuru     telkuni(at)
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