CCL: ChemTK and large data sets

ChemTK version 2.9 is now available for download from:
 Among other new features, ChemTK 2.9 now runs in a "virtual mode"
 designed to reduce memory usage.  Using the Aug 2000 release of the
 NCI Open Database as a test case, the new version requires an average
 of only 75 MB of memory for every 100,000 molecules opened.
 Other features include:
 - Document limit increased to 1,000,000 molecules
 - Hierarchical sorting added (e.g., secondary and tertiary sorting)
 - The R Table View supports substructure and name searches, clipboard
   operations, depiction enlargement, column insertion and deletion,
   and expanded export options
 Best Regards,
 David W. Miller, Ph.D.
 Sage Informatics LLC