Auguste Comte on Mathematical Methods in Chemistry

Dear CCL!
 In my files I keep the following quotation from A. Comte:
    "Every attempt to employ mathematical methods in the study
 of chemical questions must be considered profoundly irrational
 and contrary to the spirit in chemistry.
     If mathematical analysis should ever hold a prominent
 place in chemistry - an aberration which is happily almost
 impossible - it would occasion a rapid and widespread
 degeneration of that science."   A. Comte (1830)
 I got it several years ago from an Internet page, without any
 details. Does anybody know this text? A. Comte must be the
 philosopher Auguste Comte, and the year 1830 may indicate his
 work "Cours de philosophie positive" which was published in
 this and the following years. But what can he have meant? Any
 Yours, Jens >--<
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