CCL moves to Notre Dame University, expect the unexpected...

Dear CCL,
 I am moving CCL (and myself) to the University of Notre Dame this weekend.
 I accepted a position of the Director of Science Computing Facility at
 the College of Science at ND, and I will start there on Monday.
 My new address is:
 Jan K. Labanowski
 Science Computing Facility
 225 Nieuwland Science Hall
 University of Notre Dame
 Notre Dame, IN 46556
 It is a challenge to move the CCL, since I will operate from a different
 IP address space, I had to move DNS servers, and gazillion other things.
 The gurus who know about TTL, caches, routers, etc... may understand that
 it is not easy to do it cleanly...
 Please be patient, and if your message is not distributed, you will need
 to resend it later on... But at the same time, please send message to CCL,
 so I can see if things are working...
 Some of you may have the CCL in their whitelists in spam filters, etc. and
 you may not get the CCL from the new address... The current IP of the
 mail server for CCL is ( The IP address and name
 of the new mail server is ( It will be also
 CNAMEd to (current name) at some point. Talk about it with
 your SysAdmins if you need to...
 Now the appeal... I have hundreds of unanswered messages in my mailbox.
 Please be patient... You know that I do love you all, but I just do not have
 time right now...
 Thanks for your patience and understanding...
 My address should still operate for quite a while, so there
 is no danger that I will miss your mail...
 At the same time, please be considerate, since I am not sure myself
 when I will crawl from under all these boxes...
 Thanks again...
 Jan K. Labanowski         |  phone: 614-292-9279,  FAX: 614-292-7168
 Ohio Supercomputer Center |  E-mail:
 1224 Kinnear Rd,          |
 Columbus, OH 43212-1163   |