Gaussian 03 Compilation with IFC (again)

 A couple of months ago I asked in this list about the possibility of
 compiling G03 with Intel Fortran Compiler (ifc), and I sent a summary of the
 (few) answers saying that it is possible, although not supported by Gaussian
 Well, this e-mail is to inform that in the updates download section of Intel
 (, in the "File
 description" it says "This compiler
 build has been certified for usage with Gaussian 03" for versions 7.1.037
 and 8.0.038 (and above I guess), released at the end of 2003. I think that
 is good news!
 On the other hand, in the Gaussian page nothing has changed: the only
 supported Fortran compiler seems to be Portland Gropu F77.
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