Re: CCL:Gaussian 03 Compilation with IFC (again)

This may just refer to the Itanium/Linux platform, which does in
 fact show the Intel Fortran and ecc compilers in the source code
 table at
     - John
 On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Pablo Vitoria wrote:
 > Hi,
 > A couple of months ago I asked in this list about the possibility of
 > compiling G03 with Intel Fortran Compiler (ifc), and I sent a summary of
 > (few) answers saying that it is possible, although not supported by
 > Inc.
 > Well, this e-mail is to inform that in the updates download section of
 > (, in the "File
 description" it says "This compiler
 > build has been certified for usage with Gaussian 03" for versions
 > and 8.0.038 (and above I guess), released at the end of 2003. I think that
 > is good news!
 > On the other hand, in the Gaussian page nothing has changed: the only
 > supported Fortran compiler seems to be Portland Gropu F77.
 > Best regards
 > Pablo
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