"easy" literature on modelling of bio-molecules?

Dear CCL,
 a colleague of mine approached me recently and asked for general literature on
 moldelling of biomolecules.
    The book or articles should be very general because he is a computer
 scientist, and has, as far as I can tell, not much of a background in chemistry,
 let alone computational chemistry. Apparently, he wants to write his own codes
 > from a computer-science point of view. (Whether or not this is a good idea
 itself is a different question -- I have my doubts.) In any case, I promised
 help, and I would appreciate recommendations for appropriate books or other
 ressources -- this is my question to the list
 Please reply to me directly because I am not currently subscribed to the list. I
 promise that I will post a summary!
 Thank you very much! Georg Schreckenbach
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