Invitiation to Madrid Workshop on Advanced Web Engineering for E-Business

Dear VIP of the Science:
 I am happy to invite you to be a speaker at
 the industrial workshop organized by IPSI BgD
 (Internet, Processing, Systems, and Interdisciplinaries),
 to be held in Madrid, Spain on March 21, 2004.
 Details on the web
 A strong and innovative reviewing process providing a high quality feedback
 is a major asset of this workshop. See the web for details.
 This workshop takes place in one of the most exclusive hotels of the region,
 and is aimed at bringing together the most successful scientists of the field.
 Workshop covers applicative research of interest for industry,
 but participants are invited both from industry and academia.
 Please submit your title/abstract (which means that you have committed
 to participate if your paper is accepted), as soon as convenient for you,
 because we will be accepting papers only until the limit is reached.
 Only 20 presentations will be accepted, and only the first 60 submitted papers
 will be taken into consideration.
 The major goal of this forum is to establish a podium
 for a fruitful exchange of the newest scientific ideas,
 and that is why your participation is extremely important to all of us.
 As already indicated, only elite researchers and professionals are invited.
 If you like to accept this invitation, please send email
 (with title, abstract, and affiliation) to the email address
 Conditions of this invitation are as follows:
 1. Duration of your slot is 20 minutes (15 minutes for your talk,
 and the rest for discussion).
 2. You are financially responsible:
 (a) for the air ticket to arrive
 (b) for the hotel/breakfast cost (you can stay in any hotel that you select)
 (c) for the workshop fee (e200)
 (d) all other expenses that you may have during the trip.
 3. The workshop fee is e200. It covers a professional
 reviewing process, the workshop program,
 a book of abstracts, a CD with full papers, coffee/tea in the morning,
 a small working lunch in the early afternoon, and nothing else.
 4. For the paper layout format, you are free to select any format
 that meets your needs and esthetical criteria.
 Your paper will be reviewed, with the major intention to provide you
 with a feedback that can help improve the quality.
 5. Full papers are limited to maximum 1MBytes and minimum 4 pages.
 6. The scope of the workshops is relatively wide,
 with Advanced Web Engineering as the common denominator.
 The stress is on interaction of participants who address the issue
 > from different angles, so all the following aspects are welcome:
 Informatics, Internet, Computer Science and Engineering,
 Interdisciplinary Research, MBA, Internet aspects of Medicine,
 Education, Management, Law, etc.
 Of course, traditional Electrical and Computer Engineering,
 and Engineering Physics, or BioEngineering and Environment Protection, too.
 Topic of special interest: Environment protection!
 Please note that our workshop AWEEB-2004 is the first one in the series of
 important meetings to take place during the same time period in Spain/Portugal:
 IADIS Applied Computing in Lisbon, Portugal, March 23-26, 2004.
 ETAPS 2004 - The European Joint Conferences
 on Theory and Practice of Software, March 27 - April 2, 2004.
 By attending AWEEB-2004 Madrid, you can also take adventage of the Saturday Rule
 (cheap air tickets); For the night before and the night after, Hotel Ritz
 charges only one half of the regular price (privilege of attendees of AWEEB-2004
 			* * * * *
 Abstract (100 words) = January 31, 2004
 Full Papers = February 15, 2004
 Paper Acceptance Notification = February 20, 2004
 Payment (fee and hotel) = February 25, 2004
 Sincerely yours,
 Prof. Dr. Veljko Milutinovic, Chairman
 PS: If you like that we inform you about our other conferences
 (6 emails per year, for 12 conferences), please let us know.
 We will be informing you ONLY if you explicitely tell us
 that you like that to happen.
 Please, reply to if you have questions
 or to confirm your desire to be a member of our VIP CLUB!