Summary: references of marketed drugs by structure-based design

 Hi, CCLers!
 Last week I posted a question asking for references of marketed drugs
 whose invention were largely aided by structure-based design methods.
 Most of the replies point to the following review article:
 Larry Hardy & Antony Malikayil, The impact of structure-guided drug
 design on clinical agents, Current Drug Discovery, 2003, December,
 This paper discussed ~40 compounds developed with SBDD, seven of them
 are marketed drugs.
 Here are some addtional examples: Crixivan (1,2), Viracept (3), Trusopt
 (4), Zanamivir (5,6)
 1. BD Dorsey, RB Levin, SL McDaniel, JP Vacca, JP Guare, PL Darke, JA
 Zugay, EA Emini, WA Schleif, JC. Quintero, JH Lin, I-W Chen, MK
 PMD Fitzgerald, MG. Axel, D Ostovic, PS Anderson, JR Huff. L-735,524:
 Design of a Potent and Orally Bioavailable HIV Protease Inhibitor. J
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 2. Holloway, M. K. et al. In Computer-Aided Molecular Design,
 Reynolds, C. H. et al., Eds. ACS Symp. Series 589:36-50, 1995.
 3. SW Kaldor, VJ Kalish, JF Davies, II, BV Shetty, JE Fritz, K
 Appelt, JA Burgess, KM Campanale, NY Chirgadze, DK Clawson, BA
 SD Hatch, DA Khalil, MB Kosa, PP Lubbehusen, MA Muesing, AK Patick, SH
 Reich, KS Su, JH Tatlock. Viracept (Nelfinavir Mesylate, AG1343): A
 Potent, Orally Bioavailable Inhibitor of HIV-1 Protease. J Med Chem
 40:3979-3985, 1997.
 4. J Greer, JW Erickson, JJ Baldwin, MD Varney. Application of the
 Three-Dimensional Structures of Protein Target Molecules in
 Structure-Based Drug Design J Med Chem 37:1035-1054; 1994.
 5. von Itzstein, M.; Wu, W. Y.; Kok, G. B.; Pegg, M. S.; Dyason, J. C.;
 B.; Van Phan, T.; Smythe, M.; White, H. F.; Oliver, S. W.; Colman, P.
 Varghese, J. N.; Ryan, D. M.; Woods, J. M.; Bethell, R. C.; Hotham, V.
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 6. M. von Itzstein, Jeffrey C. Dyason, Stuart W. Oliver, Hume F. White,
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 Again, thanks for all of the responses!
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