Charge Fitting to MEP from ADF

 I am interesting in fitting atom centered charges to molecular
 electrostatic potentials generated with ADF (Amsterdam Density
 Functional Theory Package 2004/3).
 I know that Molden is capable of doing this with an add-on
 program ADFrom. Unfortunately, the link to ADFrom is broken
 and the version I can track down may be outdated.
 Gaussian and Gamess have the R.E.D. interface for doing this
 job with the RESP method of Kollman.
 Is any one aware of a similar interface for ADF? I am unable
 to find any in the web, except for the Molden option listed above.
 (Several years ago I wrote my own taking advantage of
 Mathematica. For several reasons I am not able to use that
 program. I rather not reinvent the wheel, so I am asking for
 your help. However, if I reprogram the stuff I'll be wiser and
 use Python or Java ;-)
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