CCL will be there when I am on vacations

Dear CCL,
 I need to take 10 days off and will be in Arizona with the family.
 It is hot there, but I may survive...
 While I am taking a laptop with me, I am not sure that I will be able
 to plug it anywhere, and if my family will actually let me do it {:-(}.
 The good news is that Boris Gorelik from Molecular Modelling Group,
 Pharmacy School, Hadassa Faculty of Medicine,
 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
 http: // www
 was so kind to do the chores of reviewing messages sent to
 CCL which were stopped by CCL filters for inspection. With the
 amount of spam hitting CCL (about 3000 a day), even if most
 of the spam/virus is junked by spamassassin before human
 sees it, it is still a dounting task for someone who did not
 accept it as a part of his/her life. Part of the problem is YOU
 (just kidding... this is what you call blame the victim) who
 let your computers get infected and then they
 send me all these viruses, warms, and offers which should be
 tempting for the man my age. Keep your computers safe for
 vacations or use another operating system (do I have to say
 Some other things may need to wait when I come back...
 Be considerate and keep your fingers crossed and pray that
 I do not step on the rattle-snake (actually, a few years ago
 I almost did...).
 All the best for you there... Hope you are also thinking about
 getting some time off...
 Jan K. Labanowski, Ph.D.                   Tel. (574) 631-4565
 Science Computing Facility                FAX (574) 631-9293
 University of Notre Dame
 225 Nieuwland Science Hall
 Notre Dame, IN 46556-5670