OpenEye Workshop: Rapid lead identification with ROCS and FRED

OpenEye will be hosting a training workshop at the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia. If you plan to attend that meeting and would like an introduction to ROCS and FRED, please consider attending our workshop.
 Title: Rapid lead identification with ROCS and FRED
 Wednesday, August 25, 3:30-6:00pm
 Room 305, Pennsylvania Convention Center, ACS National Meeting in LA
Attendance is free but seating is limited and strictly enforced by ACS. Register to attend at
The chemistry of molecular interactions boils down to shape and electrostatics. This workshop focuses on rapid lead identification in drug discovery using OpenEye software developed under that philosophy. It will begin with a brief overview of OpenEye's complete offering, before focusing on FRED and ROCS. FRED offers extremely fast, exhaustive docking of ligands within a protein active site, while the ligand-based ROCS provides rapid 3D molecular shape similarity searches. Either can be guided by known pharmacophore features. The workshop will include some theory, example cases, software demonstrations and the opportunity for hands-on tutorial.
 George Vacek
 VP, Business Development
 OpenEye Scientific Software