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A free minimizer for proteins is TINKER from the Jay Ponder group at WashU. It has among others an AMBER FF (or should I say a Kollman FF?) implementation, with several of the published parameter sets. Beware: The translation from the working TINKER xyz format back to a fully informative pdb format can be painful if you have limited scripting skills.
 Steve Bowlus
 On Sep 28, 2004, at 2:55 PM, Dimitrios Vlachakis wrote:
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 Dear Holly,
first of all I will asume that you are looking for some freeware. The most user friendly (in terms of installation and actually using the software is the Deep
Swiss-PdbViewer. It runs for all major platforms (mac 9&10, windows, linux and iris) and installing it just involves hitting the Ok button a few times. All you have to do then is to load your protein.pdb file, select the amino acid you want
 to mutate and mutate to another on from a list (all with the mouse).
The software can be found here:
 And a tutorial on protein mutation here:
A quick comment though: I do not think it is very wise to do mutate amino acids in a protein using freeware. And there is nothing wrong with freeware, but it is not up to the job (most of the times). Mutating an amino acid with any piece of software involves the substitution of the original side chain of the aa with the one of the new aa. That is quite easy to do and is the easiest part of the whole mutation job. The problem is how viable and realistic and mutant protein is. The only way to fix that is to minimise energetically the protein, so that the energy will drop and the protein will adopt a more stable conformation. Now, doing that with freeware is simply IMPOSSIBLE! Deep View has implemented a minimisation algorithm, but it is very poor especailly when dealing with proteins. It uses the GROMOS 43B1 force field that is only good enough to make room for new (potentially larger) amino acids. So, it will get stuck in a local minima as it it will not be able to by pass through high energy barriers. So, i suggest, that you should either get your hands on a decent software package that can do both mutating and minimising in a proper scientific way (such as Sybyl, Moe, hyperchem etc) or if you are going to use freeware to do the mutating part (such as Deep Blue) find a reliable minimising package. a 30 day evaluation of
 hyperchem is available from here: (
 Hope that helps,
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