What software will work?

 We are seeking recommendations on software that can do ALL the following:
 * run Monte Carlo conformational searches on organic molecules with
 200-300 atoms.
 * use the MMFF force field.
 * select which torsional angles are free to rotate and set their step size.
 * fix some torsional angles.
 * analyze the conformers produced, such as exporting the resulting
 torsional angles and energies to a spreadsheet.
 We have tried SYBYL, MacroModel, Spartan, Cerius2, Quanta, and InsightII.
 In each case, the software was unable to provide a solution.
 Thankful for your giving recommendations,
 Donald B. Boyd, Ph.D.
 Department of Chemistry
 Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis
 E-mail boyd(at)chem.iupui.edu