Re: CCL:FlexX und SGE
 chris harwell
 Dirk Cla_en-Houben <dirk.classen-houben(at)>
 Sent by: "Computational Chemistry List"
 11/29/2004 07:43 AM
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         Subject:        CCL:FlexX und SGE
 Dear CCL readers,
 has anybody some experience running FlexX from BiosolvIT and Tripos on a
 queuing system with the SGE (Sun Grid Engine)? Every suggestion or
 example is welkome.
 Thanks in advance for your help,
 Dirk Classen-Houben
 BV Biotechnologies GmbH
 (Biovertis - information-driven drug design AG)
 Campus Vienna Biocenter 6
 1030 Vienna, Austria
 Phone +43-1-7989303-110
 Fax +43-1-7989303-400
 Email dirk.classen-houben(at)
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