Re: CCL:smiles to sdf converter

 Check out MolConverter:
 You can generate 2D or even very good quality 3D coordinates to your structures
 using this tool.
 Generating 2D SDF:
 molconvert sdf -2 input.smiles >output.sdf
 Generating 3D SDF:
 molconvert sdf -3 input.smiles >output.sdf
 To access MolConverter you need to download the Marvin Beans package (, which also
 includes a structure editor and a structure viewer.
 MolConverter is free if you don't build it into an application.
 Best regards,
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 Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 16:57:00 +0100
 From: Jiri Krechl <>
 Subject: CCL:smiles to sdf converter
 I am looking for a smiles to sdf converter able to run on PC/Win. Apparently
 Babel might be the solution but the last version I could found for DOS
 environment (babel16) does not seem to support smiles among otherwise wide
 variety of input/output formats.
 Thanks for a hint.
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