2005 Computational Chemistry and Material Science Summer Institute

We are pleased to announce the fifth year for the Computational Chemistry and Material Science (CCMS) Summer Institute at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).
The goal of the Summer Institute is to provide an opportunity for graduate students to explore and learn some of the cutting-edge methods in computational materials sciences, computational chemistry, and other related areas of computational science during their first few years of graduate study. Each student will spend ten weeks at LLNL as the guest of an LLNL host scientist working on a computational project in the host's area of expertise. In addition, computational science leaders
from universities and laboratories around the country will present a
series of mini-courses for the fellows. These courses will cover state-of-the-art and emerging computational methods in materials science and chemistry, while student fellows focus on the practical aspects of their numerical implementation. The lecture program covers topics of current interest, such as computational nanoscience, computational chemistry, computational simulation of materials based on coarse graining and multi-scale modeling, to name a few.
Over the past several years, scientists at LLNL have developed unique mathematical algorithms and computer codes intended to make best use of the unmatched capabilities of massively parallel tera-scale computing established at LLNL. These new capabilities make it possible to model material properties and behaviors with unmatched realistic complexity, using predictive computer models. This new paradigm has created a great deal of excitement in the computational science community. At the same time, it presents new scientific challenges and calls for new computational approaches that will be the focus of this Summer Institute.
Summer fellows will be selected from among an open pool of applicants who have demonstrated a strong interest in computational sciences, especially materials science and chemistry. The Institute will run
from June 8 to August 16, 2005. Travel funds and a generous stipend
will be provided to the participants. In order to be considered, prospective participants need to fill out the interest form at our website:
 The application deadline is January 14, 2005.
Attached you will find a PDF version of our color poster announcement. Please bring this announcement to the attention of graduate students that you feel would benefit from the experience of hands-on research in computational chemistry and materials science, working with leading researchers at a national laboratory.
More details about the institute can be found on the institute website. Please direct any additional inquiries to the administrator for the summer institute at summer.institute[at]llnl.gov
 Andrew Williamson
 Academic Director, CCMS Summer Institute
 Mike McElfresh
 Director, CCMS Summer Institute