Re: CCL:Opteron or Nocona ?

On 5/7/05, Luigi Cavallo <cavallo %a%> wrote:
 > Hi,
 > we are going to invest some money for a few computers, and we have to
 > make a decision between the AMD-Opterons and the Intel-Nocona. What's
 > better ? We are experienced with the Opterons, but we have no idea about
 > the Noconas...
 > Major codes to run on them will be classical QM packages as ADF, G03, TM,
 > some AIMD as CPMD, and possibly some classical MD as gromacs.
 > Thanks,
 > Luigi
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 Notice that AMD has recently launched the Dual Core Opteron
 processors. There you can basically get the equivalent of twice as
 much processors, for about the same price. Check:
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