CCL:Conf. on Computational Methods, Loutraki, Greece, Oct 21-26

Dear Colleagues,
    The International Conference on Computational Methods in Science
 and Engineering (ICCMSE) will be held in Loutraki, Korinthos,
 Greece, from 21 to 26 of October 2005.  This year the ICCMSE has
 a strong computational chemistry component as you can see from
 the partial list of symposia below.  If you wish to participate
 or have any question, feel free to contact one of the symposium
 organizers.  You can register on-line at
           T. E. Simos, Department of Computer Science and Technology,
                        University of Peloponnese
           G. Maroulis, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras
           R. Fournier, Department of Chemistry, York University
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 Electric (hyper)polarizability: From atoms and molecules to the nonlinear
 optics of materials.  A celebration of David Bishopb  s contribution.
 Organizer:  G. Maroulis   maroulis ::
 Electron densities and density functionals
 Organizer: Ajit Thakkar    ajit ::
 Computational Methods for Atomic and Molecular Clusters
 Organizer:  R. Fournier    renef ::
 Open-shell organic molecules. Electric and magnetic properties
 Organizers: B.Champagne benoit.champagne ::
 and         M. Nakano   mnaka ::
 Trends and perspectives in Computational Chemistry
 Organizer: G. Maroulis    maroulis ::
 Computational molecular science: hybrid classical-quantum and
 force field methods
 Organizer: P.O. C strand    per-olof.aastrand ::
 Applications of Computational and Mathematical Chemistry:
 > From structure to biology
 Organizer:  K. Balasubramanian  kbala ::
 QSPR and QSAR modeling
 Organizer:  Sonja Nikolic   sonja ::
 Electronic Structure Calculations on Embryonic Metallic and
 Intermetallic Clusters
 Organizer:  C.A. Tsipis  tsipis ::
 Theoretical and experimental methods applied to development of new medicines.
 The arise of new era of drug delivery systems based upon cyclodextrins
 molecular structure
 Organizers:   Antonio Lino and Carlos Jaime      antonio.lino ::
 Aspects of Computational Chemistry in Rational Drug Design And Development
 Organizer:  T. Mavromoustakos   tmavro ::
 Explicit density functional of the kinetic energy in
 computer simulations at atomistic level
 Organizer:  T. Wesolowski   Tomasz.Wesolowski ::
 Quantum Mechanical Calculations for Molecules
 Organizers: Vitaly Glushkov   v_n_glushkov ::
 and         Andreas K. Theophilou   theo ::
 New algebraic tools in computational chemistry:
 conceptual and practical advances
 Organizers:  P. Cassam-Chenai   cassam ::
 and          F. Patras   patras ::
 Optimizing structures of larger, finite systems
 Organizer:  Michael Springborg   mcs ::
 The full list of symposia can be seen at
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 The ICCMSE conference will be held at the Poseidon hotel
 which is in a wonderful location, on the outskirts of Loutraki
 and opposite the historic city of Corinth.  There is plenty to do
 and see in and around Loutraki, see