Compact gamma-alumina (110) cell

 Hello everybody.
I'm trying to do some simulations of the interaction of Re on athe (110) surface of gamma-Al2O3. The problem I have is that g-Al2O3 seems to be a pretty nasty system (At least for a surface simulations begginer like me :-). I have a paper by Wolverton where they declare that after checking the different options they have, they found a nice compact (i.e. similar axis lengths) and small cell to do the simulations on bulk alumina. I have been trying to create this cell for some time now without success.
What I'm wondering is if anybody here has some expertise with g-Al2O3, can maybe tell me how to build that cell. Maybe also send me some examples of cells that I could use to guide me. Any help would be very greatly appreciated.
 Best regards and thanks in advance, Fer.
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