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 Hi Ulrike,
This is perhaps a long shot, but have you tried to replace the SATA HD with an ATA HD?
We experienced some strange instabilities with some of our nodes with SATA HDs, which was fixed by replacing the HDs with older ATA drives!
 It is fairly cheap and easy to test at least!
 On Jul 5, 2005, at 14:21, owner-chemistry|at| wrote:
 Dear all,
 I have a very strange problem with a computer. It is a P4 2.8 GHz, 1GB
 of RAM, 120 GB SATA HD, purchased in February 2004. For about 11 month
 the machine was doing fine. Then jobs all of a sudden started to exit
 randomly. At first I had Windows on it and used G98. Since I wanted to
 upgrade anyways, I installed Fedora Core 3 and G03. The problem,
 remained. Small jobs finish, bigger ones exit or remain in the queue,
collecting time and doing nothing. Since there is warranty and I suspect
 it is a hardware problem, I contacted the company. They took the
 computer kept it for 2 months!!! for testing but claim there is nothing
 wrong. They exchanged the memory anyways. The problem persists.
I reinstalled the system, the problem remains. Right now there is a job
 stuck in link 103 for 3 1/2 hours. The CPU usage (top command) changes
 between 0 and 99% but there seems to be no more progress. Is there any
 trick to test what the machine is actually doing and to check what
causes the jobs to get kicked out? The same jobs run just fine on all my
 other computers, which are installed and configured in exactly the same
 One thing I noticed is a message upon booting: "overclocking failure,
 press F2 to load default values". I did this. Could this be a hint the
 BIOS is configured wrong? Could the problem have to do with the power
 management? I am at a loss.
 Any hints would be greatly appreciated.
-- Ulrike Salzner
 Associate Professor
 Department of Chemistry
 Bilkent University
 06800 Bilkent, Ankara
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