Re: CCL: Concord/Corina replacements for Linux X-Enigmail-Version:

 Hi Andy,
 try Marvin! It is available on the internet, just follow the link below:
Draw a structure in the sketch window, then select Edit->Clean->3D. Then you can either pop up a 3D viewer (View->Open 3D viewer) or save the 3D structure in a suitable file (e.g. mol).
In case you need to convert many structures the MolConverter tool comes handy as it can batch process your molecules. You may wish to visit the molconverter page at
 Andrew D. Fant wrote:
 Good afternoon all, and thanks to everyone who responded to my previous
 questions about openbabel and descriptor code.  I have one other
 question about software that has come up.  Can anyone recommend a
 program that can generate 3D structures of any quality of all from 2D
 representations?  I know that Concord and Corina can do this, but I am
 doing this for my own education/edification and would rather not blow
 the rent money on this project.  I'm hoping to take some data I have
 pulled from various publications on my laptop on a train trip and putter
 with it en route, so a web-based tool is less than ideal.  If anyone has
 any suggestions, I would be most appreciative.
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