CCL: Automated standardization of atom names in PDB?

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You might try PDB2PQR: This will assign atom names, add missing atoms, etc.
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 Hi CCLers,
 Does software exist that will take a PDB format file with non-standard
 atom names and determine the standard atom labelling for the atoms in a
file (if the file contains a protein with regular amino acid residues)?
 I have a PDB file that was run through a chemistry utility, and in the
 process the usual PDB labelling (i.e. CA, CB, HB etc.) was changed to a
 much less informative format.  The program also modified the structure
 in such a way that pasting the old names in to the appropriate field is
 not feasible.  To check all atoms would be time-consuming, but since
 most amino acids in the protein are unmodified, the correct atom
 labelling should be clear from the bond topology.  Is there a program
 that will read the topology and determine the standard atom names?
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