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 Dear Dr. Sandeep  Kumar:
 As quick answer to your question:
 there are several programs could tell you synthetic feasibility of a particular
 compound. for quick guidance if you google it, you will get lot answers to your
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 Subject: CCL: W:Computational drug design blues
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 > Dear CCLers:
 > I need some advice about the drug discovery/design. Using
 > structure based design, one could develope several potential small
 > molecular inhibitors/drugs for a given protein target. Many of
 > these compounds may appear very attractive as they satisfy all
 > lipinski's rules and your requirements for selectivity/specificity
 > and may even have desirable solubility/ADME profiles. These days
 > its possible to incorporate all these features right at the
 > computational design stage. However, the organic synthesis of the
 > compound still remains a bottleneck as it turns out that many of
 > the designed compounds are 'hard' to synthesize or may require
 > many steps of synthesis. I was wondering if there are some simple
 > guidelines in the form of literature or 'hands on' experience
 > available which could tell the computational/medicinal chemist
 > whether a designed compound would be easy or hard to synthesize
 > before he/she talks to the organic chemist.
 > All your responses are greatly appreciated.
 > Yours sincerely
 > Sandeep Kumar, Ph.D.
 > Johns Hopkins University,
 > Dept. of Biology,
 > 106 Mudd Hall,
 > 3400 N. Charles St.
 > Baltimore, MD 21218.
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