CCL: Madelung or Klechkovski ?

the reference is,

Klechkowski,  V.M., Doklady Akademii Nauk, 86: 691-694, 1951.

If not I have a number of other references by this author which may be what you are looking for.

Interestingly the rule, by whichever name one might call it, has yet to be derived from first principles.

There have been attempts by the likes of Lee Allen (to my mind spurious), Obadasi, Hakala,  and by Ostrovsky.  None of them appear to be very convincing.  
I have written about this in the first of the two volumes dedictated to Lowdin (Kluwer, 2003), and in another paper in Foundations of Chemistry, vol 6, No1, 93-116, 2004.

One of Ostrovsky's paper's on this subject with a full bibliography of the early formulation of the rule also appears in the same journal.  vol 3, 145-182, 2001.

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Dear CCLers,

This is not a scientific question. This is an historico-scientific question!

In france, in freshman chemistry, we teach that the energetic order of the
atomic orbitals is given by the "Klechkovski rules" (or Klechkowski, or
Klechkovsky, or even Klechkowsky). That is to say, the enegy increases as
(n+l) increases and for a given value of (n+l) the energy increases as n,
where n and l are the principal and azimutal quantum number. After a quick
search, I've discovered that this name is also used in Belgium, in
Swizterland, and in Canada. Surprizingly three french speaking countries...
I have found from a Belarus site that it is the Madelung-Klechkovski rules!
And in fact most english speaking countries seems to use the Madelung rules!
I've found the Madelung ref :

E. Madelung
"Die Mathemaitschen Hilfsmittel des Physikers"
3rd ed. Springer, Berlin, 1936.

Does someone knows the Klechkowski ref?
Who is the "father" of the rules? Klechkovski or Madelung?
Which name is used in orther countries for these rules?



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