CCL: Madelung or Klechkovski /Aufbau principle

Title: Re: CCL: Madelung or Klechkovski /Aufbau principle
Can  someone explain how   Madelung-- Klechkovski (or Kelchkowki's) rule differ > from
the  Aufbau principle (Aufbauprinzip) described by Niels Bohr circa 1920?

No difference except the n + l rule gives the actual order, which is read off the empirical data.

Bohr's aufbau is that orbitals fill in order of increasing energy.
He could not derive this order, except empirically from spectra and chemical properties of atoms although he often gave the impression that he was deducing it from principles.  This has been written about by Kragh and myself in several articles.

The rule is just a convenient mnemonic for spelling out the aufbau.

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CCL: Madelung or Klechkovski ?

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In Russia people teach Klechkovskyi rule. So another 1/6th of the World
thinks it was Klechkovskyi.

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> Dear Xavier,
> During my teaching experience in france, I also discovered that the
> Kelchkowki rules are, as we say in France, a cultural exception !
> While
> searching for the origin of these rules, I found that most of the
> countries refer to them as 'the aufbau principle' (something like the
> 'construction principle'), but I have no reference about it. May be
> some
> CCLers can help us on this !
> I took some time searching through some database, and Klechkowsky
> name
> never appeared...
> Regards,
> Paul.
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