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 On Sat, Oct 01, 2005 at 12:09:46AM -0400, Perry E. Metzger perry^
 > BTW, keep in mind, I do *NOT* advise buying Dell if you're getting
 > anything in quantity or anything "serious" and keep in mind that
 > do NOT do AMD64 stuff, so if you need better than bottom end, you
 > can't buy from them anyway. Mostly I recommend them to people who need
 > a good $300 or $800 box, can't do the maintenance work themselves and
 > don't want the fuss.
 I recently had to look for an affordable 1U rackmount AMD64 system,
 and came across which start
 at $745 (~640 EUR at basic rebate) in a very basic configuration
 (the price curve goes up quite rapidly with Sun components, so it
 would make sense to buy the basic chassis, and upgrade with off the shelf
 components -- notice that the most basic system will take 4 GByte
 unregistered (whether ECC or non-ECC) memory, and the new dual-core
 Opterons, which is quite important for most chemical codes).
 The reviews were quite positive:
 (I haven't had personal experience with those yet, as our
 distributor will only begin shipping them in November).
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