CCL: W:hardware for computational chemistry calculations

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 On Sat, 2005-10-01 at 10:44 -0700, Bill Ross ross^_^ wrote:
 > Vis-s-vis buying Dell or more generic PC's, I've been working at Sun
 > recently, so have noted some excitement over the price/performance
 > of the new commodity-class Opteron server line (e.g. $745 for the most
 > minimal system, X2100 w/ no hard drive, slowest CPU, 512 MB). The
 > 'coolest' thing to my mind is that the X4100 (starting at $2,195) runs
 > at <50% of the power needed by the equivalent Dell server. Here's the
 > president of Sun bragging on his blog:
 We're quite excited by them.
 I'd say the X2100 is more suited to Monte Carlo 'farm' type
 applications, and as you say the beefier 4100 for computational
 chemistry applications.
 The V20 line was well engineered and reliable, and we have no doubt
 these will follow suit.