CCL: W:help with job termination

 Sent to CCL by: Terry Frankcombe [T.Frankcombe],[]
 > Sent to CCL by: "Ayorinde S Hassan" [ayo_hassan]|[]
 > I would like some help with a job am running. The job terminates with the
 lowing message: "The electronic state of the initial guess is 4-A.
 >  <S**2> of initial guess= 3.7500
 >  Defaulting to unpruned grid for atomic number  66.
 >  Gradient too large for Newton-Raphson or scaled steepest descent --
 >  use steepest descent instead.
 > Erroneous write. write 23584 instead of 80000.
 > fd = 5" I would appreciate any help or suggestion .
 Assuming you're talking about Gaussian (a rather big assumption), this error
 typically means you are beyond your scratch capabilities.  So either your
 scratch space is full/broken or your RWF is bigger than the OS limit (often 2
 or 16 GB).  In the latter case try MaxDisk or splitting your RWF into
 size-limited chunks.
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