CCL: Where can you publish articles on software?

 Sent to CCL by: Steve Bowlus []
$0.02 from a (grateful) enduser (who can't spell "C") of everyone else's code:
At one time, the CompChem community had its own vehicle for this purpose. It was (and still is) called the "Quantum Chemistry Program Exchange." For nominal cost (basically then media costs), academics and industry could get access to cutting edge programming. As QCPE matured in the mid- to late '80's, there was published (again, at modest cost) the quarterly "QCPE Bulletin," in which contributors could (as my memory serves me) publish exactly the kind of information being debated in this thread. Descriptions of new contributions were made in every issue by the director/editor (Richard Counts/Peggy Edwards). A uniform mechanism was provided for citation of contributions.
I would suggest it is time to re-examine the utility of such a repository, and revive it along the lines envisioned by Counts. I don't know how IU currently supports QCPE (AFAIK, its capabilities are considerably curtailed); Jan's experience in obtaining funding for CCL does not bode well for the venture. But perhaps someone knowledgeable in these areas might inquire.