CCL: Schrodinger Fall Webinars

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 Schrodinger is pleased to announce a new series of webcast seminars for
 fall 2005. With featured speakers that include noted researchers as well
 as Schrodinger product managers and applications scientists, the
 seminars will cover a wide variety of topics including software
 development, methodology, applications, and usage.
 The schedule for the first half of the seminar series is given below. To
 learn more, and to see the full abstracts, please visit our website at:
 Date/Time   Seminar
 ---------   -------------------------------------------------------
 10/20/2005  Combining quantum chemistry and classical physics
 1 PM EDT    modeling: Using mixed QM/MM methods to obtain an
             atomically detailed view of biological processes
             Presented by Professor Victor Guallar
             Washington University at St. Louis
 10/27/2005  Induced Fit models of hERG channel blockage
 1 PM EDT    Presented by Jason K. Perry, Ph.D.
             Schrodinger Applications Scientist
 11/3/2005   Schrodinger Induced Fit Docking:
 1 PM EST    Methodology and results
             Presented by Woody Sherman, Ph.D.
             Schrodinger Applications Scientist
 11/10/2005  Structure-based strategies:
 1 PM EST    Getting started with Maestro and Glide
             Presented by Hege Beard, Ph.D.
             Schrodinger Applications Scientist
 The seminars will run for approximately one hour, including time for
 questions and answers. The number of connections is limited, so please
 register early at
 to ensure your participation.
 Mike Campbell
 Schrodinger Seminar Coordinator