CCL: Compiling Gaussian on EM64T machines

 Sent to CCL by: Grant Hill []
 Hi all,
I'm trying to compile Gaussian 03 (Rev C01) on a machine with dual EM64T intel Xeon cpus, running SuSE linux 9.3 (64-bit version, with all current updates applied). When I source the the g03.login script I get errors of the type:
 ]![: Badly formed number.
When I launch the build process I get similar errors throughout the log file suggesting to me that the shell (or perhaps automake / something similar) is having trouble. The errors are of the type:
 ../bsd/updatelink1 ../bsd/g03.make JUNK1=JUNK DO-LIB abt1dt.F
 ]![: Badly formed number.
 -f: Command not found.
 ar: No match.
 rm: No match.
 set noglob
Is this something particular to the building of g03 on EM64T systems, or is it perhaps something more sinister going on with my distro? FWIW, I've tried with both the pgf compiler and intels compiler.
Any tips or ideas will be much appreciated (I'll summarise anything useful that comes off list).
 Thanks in advance,
 Grant Hill