CCL: Compiling Gaussian on EM64T machines

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 "Grant Hill jgh105 _" <owner-chemistry**>
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 > Hi all,
 > I'm trying to compile Gaussian 03 (Rev C01) on a machine with dual
 > EM64T intel Xeon cpus, running SuSE linux 9.3 (64-bit version, with
 > all current updates applied). When I source the the g03.login script I
 > get errors of the type:
 > -#-: Badly formed number.
 Okay, the first thing you need to do in debugging this is to get the
 script to tell you what exactly is failing. I don't know offhand if
 this is a csh or sh script you're having trouble with, but either way,
 you should turn on debugging.
 For both csh and sh, adding "-x" to the shell invocation will print
 every command as it is executed, so you can determine which command
 exactly it is. (I suspect that this is a csh script, but it either
 You may have to edit the script to cause the #! line to include the -x.
 > When I launch the build process I get similar errors throughout the
 > log file suggesting to me that the shell (or perhaps automake /
 > something similar) is having trouble. The errors are of the type:
 > ./bsd/updatelink1 ../bsd/g03.make JUNK1=JUNK DO-LIB abt1dt.F
 > -#-: Badly formed number.
 > -f: Command not found.
 > ar: No match.
 > rm: No match.
 > set noglob
 > end
 That looks like a shell getting very badly confused -- it is treating
 switches as command names, and command names as globs. Again, doing
 the "-x" trick will help in figuring out what command is going wrong
 and thus causing everything to go out of wack.