CCL: W:Queue of processes and more than one processor

 Sent to CCL by: "Perry E. Metzger" [perry^^]
 "Ary Junior junior|a|" <owner-chemistry~!>
 > Hello, I have one machine with two Intel HT Xeon processors. I need
 > a software that create and manage a queue of , for example, abinit
 > processes. Any suggestion?
 Unfortunately, you haven't mentioned the operating system you are
 running, which is kind of key here, as well as the goal that you have.
 It isn't clear precisely what you mean, but I'll assume that your goal
 is to maintain a queue of jobs to be worked on in a strict sequence.
 I'm going to assume that you're running a Unix variant of some sort --
 if you're using Windows my advice doesn't per se apply.
 If what you are trying to do is just run a sequence of commands
 informally over a long period but you personally are the only user, a
 complicated piece of scheduling software is probably overkill. Listing
 a series of commands in a shell script, or doing something slightly
 more sophisticated like having a shell script that iterates over the
 commands that it finds in a particular directory (re-parsing the
 directory after each command completes), may be more than enough. You
 can rig up either in just a couple of minutes.
 If you really need something more sophisticated, what you are looking
 for is a "job scheduler". There are a number of open source ones out
 there -- if you go over to and query for "job scheduler"
 or "job manager" you will find several that might meet your needs.
 However, I'm not entirely sure this is the question you were asking --
 your question was somewhat underspecified. If this doesn't cover what
 you are looking for please do ask again.