CCL: Stereo 3D Displays & Equipment

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 Here is some current information for those of you ordering yourself a
 new "Quad" Quadro-based Mac for doing Stereo 3D visualization.  You
 need a good CRT display, a stereo signal emitter, and shutter glasses.
 Stereo 3D glasses & emitters:
 - More expensive: StereoGraphics
 - Less expensive: NuVision3D
 Thanks to LCD dominance, it is getting mucher harder to find a good CRT
 display.  You may need to hunt around a bit or buy "pre-owned".
 The critical monitor specifications for Stereo 3D are:
 - Must be a CRT (not an LCD).
 - Should be as big as you can afford (20-22").
 - HD15 VGA input (DVI is very rare).
 - Vertical refresh must be at least 120 Hz.
 - Horizontal sync frequency must be at least 130 kHz (ideally 140 kHz).
 Note that the last point is CRITICAL.  Do not buy a CRT monitor for
 stereo 3D until you have confired that it can do a horizontal sync of at
 least 130 kHz.  Beware of consumer monitors have horizontal sync limits
 of 80-120 kHz and thus cannot do stereo well.
 Good stereo-capable CRT displays that are still available NEW:
 - Philips 202P73
 - Iiyama Vision Master Pro 514 / HM204DT
 Good discontinued stereo-capable displays (buy USED on eBay, etc.):
 - IBM ThinkVision C220p
 - HP p1230 CRT Monitor (P9613W)
 - DELL p1230
 - Sony GDM-C520K
 - NEC FP2141SB-BK
 - NEC-Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070SB-BK
 - Sun X7149A
 Borderline displays:
 - ViewSonic, P225FB (H-sync: 127 kHz - good for 1280x960 ]^[ ~110 Hz)
 - Samsung SyncMaster 1100 DF (H-sync: 121 kHz)
 - Sun X7149A (H-sync: 121 kHz)
 Unsuitable displays:
 - ViewSonic G220f/fb, G810, G90f/fb
 - Philips 201B40, 201B45
 - NEC Accusync 120
 - Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930SB
 - Samsung SyncMaster 1000 P, 997DF/997MB
 See: for info on tons of monitors, old
 & new.
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