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 > Sorry for my 2 cents, but what you said previously, is exactly why people
 > defend and would like to see more open source programs.
 > If don't care about implementing or correcting something for
 > comercial reason or other you would have basically to pay them to do so
 > (Mr. Frisch previous mail).
 No.  Given very finite resources, we add the features which appear to
 be most important for the largest number of customers.  In general we
 don't solicit and don't accept requests to do features for individual
 customers, because we're trying to provide the features which will have
 the most general benefit.
 In the one case where someone paid for us to do something, the
 customer wanted a feature which was important to them and interesting
 to me but was not widely requested and so was a low priority for us.
 They covered some travel expenses to facilitate the work (not by any
 means all the costs) to motivate us to make this feature a higher
 priority.  The customer had source code, but the feature was not
 something they could have trivially added themselves.  In fact, it
 required new research which was subsequently published (CPL 250, 373
 (Specifically, the customer paid for Mike Robb to travel for a visit
 to Gaussian, where he and I worked out what to do.  Coding was done in
 his group, supported by Gaussian, Inc.  The feature was included in
 a subsequent revision of our software; we would never consider adding
 a feature unless it was to be added for the use of all our customers.)
 Mike Frisch