CCL:G: Filters; really Gaussian, Inc. and funding

 Sent to CCL by: Ulrike Salzner [salzner]^[]
 On Oct 28, 2005, at 3:10 AM, Derosa-Latech wrote:
This started by a request for CCL to filter out e-mails requesting help for problems with Gaussian, the argument was that Gaussian is developed with taxpayer money, yet we have to pay to get it and we do not even get appropriate support when problems arise.
When I was on my first faculty position, I had to compile Gaussian98 for the first time by myself with no one in the university able or willing to help. The Gaussian people coatched me through every single compiling error until the program was running on a SUN cluster and under Linux. The answers were always quick and to the point. This was done although the SUN cluster the university had, had outdated libraries and although I was a total moron with these things. I think the customer support was excellent. Whenever I am asking a question to the Gaussian people, I get answers. I do try not to bother them (and CCL) with things I can find in the manual or on their webpage. I agree that CCL should not be overloaded with question about Gaussian keywords but scientific questions about methods, their applicability and shortcomings should be allowed. I have learnt a lot in this way through CCL and I do not see why some people want to censor the list.
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