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 Work derived from taxpayer funding should be freely available to those
 taxpayers who have paid for it.  That is the case with GAMESS, with NCARS
 CAM3 and MAGICC, Jay Ponder's Tinker, and other codes.  That is the way it
 should be.
 Profiteering by Gaussian and the other commercial entities should not be
 allowed.  I will be speaking to my congressman to explore current law as
 well as proposing future law that will remedy this issue.
 You can speak to your congressman about it and you may even be
 successful in changing the law but what you mention is standard practice
 the world over. From Beijing to Western Europe and the US you'll find a
 handful of companies that provide scientific software with post-graduate
 staff on their payroll.
 Some argue that education should be free for everyone but the fact
 remains some people still prefer private education and the same goes for
 health... It's all about choice, market laws and whether your product
 satisfies the needs of the (in this case) chemical community.
 The discussion of who owns intellectual property has always been
 controversial and will not end here.
 I accept Dr Frisch's explanation and I view his position as perfectly
 valid. I have no reason to doubt him so far.
 You complained about Gaussian giving bad support to its users. Do the
 developers of open source volunteer to give any at all ? If they do it's
 solely out of their generosity which I commend... at least with paid
 software you can always ask for something in return.
 Again it's not for me to judge which is the best option. That always
 lies with the user.
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