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 Cory Pye cpye{} wrote:
 Please don't trivialize a crippling disability such as autism on the list (or
 anywhere, for that matter.)
 I think you know the meaning of metaphor.
 It is comments such as this that could convince the Gordon group to decide
 to switch from available source to binary distribution (or none at all).
 Why are people complaining about getting something for free? If you don't like
 aspects about the distribution the package of group X, write your own
 open-source package, or improve upon someone elses. Any volunteers to write an
 efficient integral package? OK. Uh-oh, it works on Suns and IBMs, but not on
 SGIs or HP. It works with RedHat, but not with Mandrake or Debian. I can't find
 optimized BLAS libraries. How come it core dumps every time I try to do an
 f-type integral? Version 4.2.3 of compiler X on machine Y has a bug. Are you
 willing to provide support for this free program in perpetuity? In biology,
 most mutations are non-viable.
 Well the "program it yourself like I had to do also, stupid!" attitude
 does not go down well with some people I'm afraid.
 I think the collaborative spirit that many so blatantly preach in the
 open source movement suddenly seems hypocritical with views like that.
 In any way I meant no offense to the Gordon group. Apologies if my words
 were too harsh. I just meant to underline my pessimism about the future
 of the code.
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