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 On the Partial Least Squares Analysis dialog box:
 1. Click on the SAMPLS button and set the number of
 components to a value higher than what you would
 expect the dimensionality of your data to be. Then
 click on "Run PLS".
 2. A dialog informing you about SAMPLS pops up- click
 3. On the terminal window, you will eventually see
 crossvalidated r-squared [alias q-squared]. The number
 of components you will choose for the final run will
 be the one for which the q-squared is the highest.
 Hope this helps.
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 > Hi all,
 > I'm working with sybyl MSS to do comfa study. As I
 > run a PLS, sybyl
 > gives r² value in the report. Where / how can i get
 > the q² value ? It's
 > not in the report log.
 > Thank's
 > Antoine
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