CCL: Monte Carlo Software for commercial use.

 Sent to CCL by: Takumi Hori [thori3jp[a]]
 Dear Armel,
 Thank you very much for your information.
 I will take into account your suggestion.
 Best regards,
 Dr. Takumi Hori
 Postdoctoral Research Associate
 Department of Chemistry
 Duke University
 Durham, NC 27708-0349
 Tel    :    1-919-660-1658
 E-mail :    thori ~
                 thori3jp ~
 On 2005/11/15, at 4:55, Armel Le Bail alb|| wrote:
 Sent to CCL by: Armel Le Bail [alb\a/]
 Does any one know a software based on Monte Carlo simulations for
 commercial use.
 The GNU General Public Licence does not preclude commercial
 If you want to pay for some service, or want to support the
 software development, you can...;-).
 Best regards,
 PS - I propose 3 Monte Carlo software under GNU GPL...
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