CCL: Call for Papers - Estrogen Receptor Symposium

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 Ligand-dependent activation and inactivation of transcription by nuclear hormone
 receptors are mediated by the recruitment of co-activators and/or co-repressors
 by the receptor. Receptor agonists promote co-activator binding while
 antagonists block co-activator binding or promote co-repressor binding thereby
 affecting transcriptional activity. At a molecular level, in the estrogen
 receptor, these mechanistic events have been explained to an extent by the
 solution of several estrogen receptor ligand binding domain (LBD) agonist and
 antagonist crystal structures.
 In the diethylstilbestrol (DES) agonist complex structure, the co-activator
 peptide binds to a hydrophobic groove on the surface of the LBD, which is
 promoted by a conformation of the LBD where the helix 12 is tucked over the
 binding pocket. In the 4-hydroxytamoxifen (OHT) antagonist structure, the side
 chain of OHT projects out of the ligand binding pocket, which promotes a
 conformation of the LBD that results in helix 12 blocking the coactivator
 recognition groove. However, ligands that are smaller in size (that do not have
 the OHT sidechain) also vary in functional activities as reported by results
 from several recent publications. Investigations into ER-subtype selective
 modulators (alpha vs beta) using structure-based methods have also been
 described in the literature.
 We plan to organize a mini-symposium that would bring together a diverse group
 of researchers and scientists at the 232nd National Fall ACS Meeting, San
 Francisco, CA, who have thought about and applied structure-based methods to the
 evaluation and development of selective and/or non-selective estrogen receptor
 modulators as well as selective and/or non-selective estrogen receptor subtype
 modulators. This symposium will be sponsored by the COMP division of the
 American Chemical Society.
 Symposium: Structure-Based Design & Development of Estrogen Receptor
 Venue : 232nd National Fall ACS Meeting, San Francisco, CA
 Dates : September 10th - 14th, 2006
 Sponsored by : COMP Division
 Co-chairs : Veer Shanmugasundaram & Neil Raheja, Pfizer Global Research
 & Development, Ann Arbor, MI
 Please submit your abstracts for this symposium using OASYS
 The deadline for submitting abstracts is April 25, 2006.
 Thank you,
 Veer Shanmugasundaram, Ph.D
 Computer-Assisted Drug Discovery,
 Pfizer Global Research & Development,
 2800 Plymouth Road,
 Ann Arbor, MI 48105.
 Neil Raheja, Ph.D
 Medicinal Chemistry,
 Pfizer Global Research & Development
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