CCL:G: rasscf in gaussian

Dear CCLers,

I am having a problem to print the configurations in a rasscf calculation with g03. When the number of CSFs is small it shows the CSFs with no problem. However, when the number is a bit larger (in my case of about 1500), it does not show any CSF. I have tried iop(4/43=2), but it didn't work. The calculation stops after the program tries to print the CSFs. The input is

#P  cas(16,14,stateaverage,nroot=3,RASSCF(2,8,0,0))/6-31+g*
guess=(read,alter) gfinput iop(6/7=3,4/43=2)
pop=naturalorbitals maxdisk=105Gb density=current

The error message is

 dumping /fiocom/, unit = 3 NFiles =     1 SizExt =    524288 WInBlk =       512
                   defal = T LstWrd =       65536 FType=2 FMxFil=10000

 Number           0
 Base         20480
 End          65536
 End1         65536
 Wr Pntr      20480
 Rd Pntr      20480
 Length       45056
 Error termination in NtrErr:
NtrErr Called from FileIO.


Does anybody can help?

Thanks in advance,

Elizete Ventura