CCL:G: RI DFT approximation in G03

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 Dear Stefan,
Thank you very much for your e-mail, which happens to be the first answer to my question.
After sending the message to CCL I did some more testing, and I am quite sure that the problem happens with the normalization of the auxiliary density-fitting basis set, which G03 does wrong, probably a bug as you say since the other programs (ORCA, NWChem, ...) do it right.
 I asked Gaussian, Inc. about this but no answer yet.
 Thanks again
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 Subject: CCL:G: RI DFT approximation in G03
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 Dear Pablo,
 for acetone PBE/SV(P) I get a RI-non-RI difference of
 0.6 mEh with TURBOMOLE (old Coulomb aux-basis).
 Some time ago I did a RI-test with G03 that also produced a very, very big
difference of some hundreds of mEh, so to me that sounds like a program bug.
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