CCL: reveal your affiliation

 Sent to CCL by: "Andrew D. Fant" []
 Boyd, D. wrote:
 > Sent to CCL by: "Boyd, D." [boyd]![]
 > Colleagues,
 > I recommend/request that people who post on CCL include their affiliation.
 > I realize that because of spammers people do not want to reveal their full
 > However, it would make the postings more credible if people who have yahoo,
 > hotmail, etc. email addresses, include the university or company they are
 > associated with.
 Many people are employed in situations where they are not allowed to speak/post
 in a public setting with reference to their employment status without clearing
 it with their public relations or corporate communications departments.  This is
 to make management feel secure that nobody is representing themselves in any way
 as an official spokesperson for the institution.   I don't think that we need
 affiliation information to judge the merits of a posting/email in any case.  If
 someone makes a statement that sounds outlandish, the claims should be examined
 and validated by the same standards whether it comes from,,, or  Likewise, I would hope my opinions
 here are considered on their merits and my past participation, rather then
 whether my circumstances require me to be discreet about my current affiliation.
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