CCL: Free software for drug design? ..and flexibility descriptors

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 Dear Marc,
 Although not all in the fields you enumerate, there are some
 free programmes on my web page:
 About descriptors, I would say that graph-theoretic descriptors
 (improperly called 2D decriptors) are insensitive to geometric changes.
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 >Dear All,
 >concerning techniques like molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo or
 >of ab initio approaches there are a number of freely available programs for
 >the academic community.
 >I wonder whether similar 'free' (non-commercial) software exists for drug
 >design? In particular for the following tasks:
 >- virtual screening
 >- pharmacophore modeling
 >- receptor mapping
 >- QSAR and 3D-QSAR
 >- Shape alignments
 >- ComFa-like methods
 >My focus would be more on exploring these approaches then on applying them
 >a production environment on huge projects. I'd be very grateful for
 >and comments.
 >One more specific request: what type of molecular or atomic descriptors do
 >exist for conformational flexibility?
 >Thank you very much in advance,
 >  Marc Baaden
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