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ChemAxon have a range of products for core cheminformatics and drug discovery. We made all products free for academic teaching and research. You can find out more here about the conditions here ( I list below the main tool classes

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ChemAxon toolkits currently available
Implementations on our website (Java required):
Marvin and Calculator Plugin (unlimited structure based predictions for pKa, logP, logD, polar surface area (PSA), charge distribution, polarizability prediction, H-bond aceptor/donor, tautomer, resonance, major microspecies, reactivity, refractivity and elemental analysis) :
Listing of all public implementations:

Marc Baaden baaden],[ wrote:
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 Dear All,
 concerning techniques like molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo or implementations
 of ab initio approaches there are a number of freely available programs for
 the academic community.
 I wonder whether similar 'free' (non-commercial) software exists for drug
 design? In particular for the following tasks:
 - virtual screening
 - pharmacophore modeling
 - receptor mapping
 - QSAR and 3D-QSAR
 - Shape alignments
 - ComFa-like methods
 My focus would be more on exploring these approaches then on applying them in
 a production environment on huge projects. I'd be very grateful for suggestions
 and comments.
 One more specific request: what type of molecular or atomic descriptors do
 exist for conformational flexibility?
 Thank you very much in advance,
   Marc Baaden

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