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 Webcast:  Bridging Chemistry with Integrative Analytics:  Introducing
 InforSense(r) ChemSense
 Date and time:
 Wednesday, March 29, 2006,
 3:00pm(GMT)/ 10:00am(EST)/ 7:00am(PST) and 6:00pm(GMT)/ 1:00pm(EST)/
 PLEASE NOTE: The time is specified as GMT - some countries have now moved to
 summer time - for example, UK time is now GMT+1 and so the webcasts are at
 4.00pm and 7:00pm UK time.
 Presenter(s) Info:
 Stephen Whiteley, Product Manager - InforSense ChemSense; Anthony Rowe, Product
 Manager - InforSense KDE
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 Description: Bridging Chemistry with Integrative Analytics
 InforSense ChemSense enables companies to exploit chemistry information and
 software assets to identify new drug leads based on relationships found in
 complex heterogeneous data. Featuring the new intuitive ChemStudio interface,
 ChemSense provides a highly flexible and extensible environment for use across
 chemistry research. InforSense's cheminformatics capabilities can also be
 integrated with bioinformatics and clinical informatics via the InforSense KDE
 platform. IT providers can orchestrate and deliver the full range of
 experimental and chemical compound databases, data cartridges, and
 cheminformatics tools from major vendors in a single integrated workflow
 framework. Within the same environment informaticians and chemists can then
 rapidly design, implement and execute scalable cheminformatics solutions that
 best fit their discovery needs.
 In this webcast, you will learn how InforSense ChemSense delivers:
 *	Programming-free Cheminformatics for a Wide Range of Integrative
 Applications - Informaticians and scientists can seamlessly integrate numerous
 data formats and third-party tools to support chemistry applications from
 compound management, library design and analytical chemistry, to lead
 identification and optimization, QSAR and ADMET.
 *	Tight Integration with Oracle Data Cartridges to Provide
 in-Database Processing and Data Mining Capabilities - Data can be integrated,
 processed and analyzed using Oracle-based analytical tools in the database,
 leveraging existing software investment, maintaining data integrity and
 security, and offering high performance and robust scalability.
 *	Intuitive SAR Analysis with the NEW ChemStudio Environment -
 Scientists can gain quick access to powerful chemistry workflows within an
 intuitive interface. With the ability to run tailored InforSense workflows,
 ChemStudio's functionality can be easily expanded based on specific needs.
 *	Rapid Hypothesis Testing and Deployment - New methods can be
 quickly and easily developed and tested to identify best practice workflows, and
 then rapidly deployed to end users within the same integrative platform.
 InforSense ChemSense is an extension of InforSense KDE specialized for
 cheminformatics, and provides a vendor-neutral integrative analytics platform
 through seamless access and integration of both tools and data sources from
 leading cheminformatic vendors. Featuring a wide range of generic and
 specialized data and model visualization tools, ChemSense is not restricted to
 molecular modellers or medicinal chemists, but is the tool of choice for all
 personnel dealing with rapid hypothesis testing and deployment of
 cheminformatics solutions in a multi-vendor environment.
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