CCL:G: Comparison of Athelon and Pentium 4M ?

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 > I have to compare some performance numbers between a couple
 > of processors.
 > Specifically, the Athelon MP 1800+   and a 2.4 GHz Pentium 4M laptop.
 > I'm only interested in rough comparisons (e.g. "P4M is  ~1.5x
 > faster on
 > the XXX benchmark than Athelon", etc.)
 > I've poked around the web and have not found any good resources for
 > these numbers.
 Adding the normal Caveat that performance is always a function of the type
 of job you want to run...:
 There are some Gaussian 98 numbers I ran a long time ago on various
 processors including an Athlon 1800XP which should be the same as an Athlon
 1800MP (they only differ in the fact that one of the external bridges is
 lasered open on the XP version to stop it working parallel. If you close the
 bridge with some conductive paint it then reports itself as an 1800MP...) -
 There aren't any 2.4GHz P4 M numbers on there unfortunately but the Gaussian
 input is there if you have access to such a machine running Gaussian you
 could get the numbers.
 > From just general experience I think you should be looking at a
 speed difference for the P4M - of the order of 2x or more. The 2 MB cache of
 the P4M makes a big big difference. Plus the FSB speed is better.
 I hope this helps,
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